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Top Fight Moments in IPL Matches

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a platform where tensions occasionally explode, emotions run high, and tempers flare. It’s more than simply a cricket match. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is renowned for its thrilling cricket matches, but it has also seen its fair share of intense altercations between players, which heightens the drama and excitement of the occasion. As seen in ipl live channel video, you’ll look at the top combat scenes in IPL history that will never be forgotten in this post.

Harbhajan Singh vs. S. Sreesanth – The Slapgate Controversy

One of the most notorious altercations in the history of the IPL occurred during the 2008 season. After a furious exchange of words, Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth’s tempers rose during a Mumbai Indians vs. Kings XI Punjab match. When Harbhajan allegedly slapped Sreesanth, everything became more heated and contentious.

Harbhajan was banned as a result of the event, which also raised awareness of player conduct issues. Reminding us of the high stakes and strong emotions involved, the “Slapgate” scandal is still one of the most talked-about incidents in IPL history.

Virat Kohli vs. Gautam Gambhir – A Battle of Egos

Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir, two of India’s biggest cricket stars, had an ego fight during the 2013 IPL season. A furious altercation broke out between Kohli alongside Gambhir during a Royal Challengers Bangalore vs. Kolkata Knight Riders match, with both players trading verbal volleys as well as gestures.

A miscommunication during the game sparked the altercation, which swiftly got out of control along with required the intervention of officials as well as teammates to separate the two players. The incident brought to light the fierce competitiveness and spirit of competition that permeate the Indian Premier League, where even minor mishaps can lead to conflict.

Shane Watson vs. Ravindra Jadeja – The On-Field Scuffle

Cricket fans were shocked by an on-field altercation involving Shane Watson as well as Ravindra Jadeja during the 2014 IPL season. Following a close run-out decision during a Rajasthan Royals vs. Chennai Super Kings game, Watson and Jadeja got into a furious argument.

Both players got into a violent argument that quickly got out of control alongside needed to be broken up by officials and other players. The event served as a sobering reminder of the high stakes as well as extreme pressure of the Indian Premier League, where tempers may quickly boil.

Kieron Pollard vs. Mitchell Starc – The Staredown

A tense standoff between Mumbai Indians’ Kieron Pollard and Royal Challengers Bangalore’s Mitchell Starc also occurred during the 2014 IPL season. After Starc made a heated delivery during a game, Pollard and Starc got into a heated argument.

When Pollard advanced on Starc in a menacing manner, the argument erupted into a full-blown staredown between the two players. The incident brought to light the fierce competition and intensity present in the IPL, where even little incidents can lead to player conflict.

Ishant Sharma vs. Ambati Rayudu – The Dugout Fracas

A heated incident between Ambati Rayudu of the Mumbai Indians along with Ishant Sharma of the Sunrisers Hyderabad occurred during the 2015 IPL season. The two athletes continued their verbal altercation in the dugout area following a furious exchange of words on the field.

The guys’ predicament rapidly worsened to the point where authorities as well as the teammates had to separate them. The incident served as a sobering reminder of the intense pressure-filled atmosphere of the Indian Premier League, where tensions can flare up even off the field.

Gautam Gambhir vs. Manish Pandey – The Captain’s Fury

The skipper of the Kolkata Knight Riders, Gautam Gambhir, got into a heated argument with teammate Manish Pandey during the 2017 Indian Premier League. Pandey’s dismissal during a match against the Mumbai Indians resulted in an altercation with Gambhir in the dugout.

IPL players are under a great deal of pressure, as evidenced by Gambhir’s passionate movements as well as vocal outburst towards Pandey. The episode demonstrated the captain’s leadership along with the value of upholding team discipline even in the face of disappointment in addition to annoyance.

Virat Kohli vs. Ben Stokes – The War of Words

Ben Stokes of the Rajasthan Royals and Virat Kohli of the Royal Challengers Bangalore engaged in a contentious argument during the 2020 Indian Premier League. Following a dismissal during a match, Kohli and Stokes got into a verbal confrontation during which they both made motions and exchanged words.

The event brought to light the fierce rivalry and spirit of competition that permeate the Indian Premier League, where players can become agitated at the least provocation. Drama and excitement were increased throughout the competition by the match between two of the most well-known cricket players in the world.

Ravichandran Ashwin vs. Evin Lewis – The Mankad Controversy

A contentious incident involving Evin Lewis of the Mumbai Indians and Ravichandran Ashwin of the Kings XI Punjab occurred during the 2019 IPL season. A “Mankad” dismissal, which is when a batsman is run out before the delivery is bowled, is how Ashwin got rid of Lewis during a match.

Many players and spectators voiced their opinions during the intense debate that followed regarding the ethics and spirit of the game that was ignited by the occurrence. The incident brought attention to the thin line that separates unsportsmanlike behaviour and gamesmanship in the IPL, where every choice and move is subject to close examination and discussion.

Virat Kohli vs. Navdeep Saini – The Teammate Clash

In a rare event during the 2021 Indian Premier League, Royal Challengers Bangalore’s Virat Kohli and teammate Navdeep Saini got into a violent argument. After a misfield during a game against Chennai Super Kings, Kohli was spotted yelling at Saini.

The event brought to light the tremendous pressure and demands placed on players in the Indian Premier League (IPL), where even the smallest error can lead to conflicts within the squad. Kohli’s response demonstrated the high expectations he has for both himself and his teammates as well as the value of being composed and focused under duress.


The Indian Premier League (IPL) is more than simply a cricket match; it’s a platform where tensions occasionally explode, emotions run high, and tempers snap. These ten greatest fights have left their mark on the league’s history and serve as a constant reminder of the fierce competition, high stakes, and pressure that characterise the IPL. Cricket fans from all around the world should not miss these alterations since they heighten the drama and excitement of the competition also helps to make cricket betting tips video, even though they may not always provide a great image.

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