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Biggest Ever Auctions of IPL

IPL is the highest class and the door where skill and luck are combined was opened. As a result the teams, as they are fighting each other to have the most wanted players, are auctioned to choose the greatest players! Such auctions entail very high bids over the year, which often smash the record of all times, and as a result the public show a great admiration. In this context, the auctions have attracted everyone as now they enthusiastically follow the ipl live news today around these auctions that are related to cricket all over the world.

1. The Man with a Million Dollars

2022 is the year

Individual: Ishan Kishan

₹15.25 crore, or around $2.1 million, was the winning bid

Ishan Kishan’s meteoric rise from a promising youngster to a million-dollar sensation was cemented in the 2022 IPL auction. The high-stakes aspect of the IPL auction, where teams are ready to go to incredible lengths to capture the services of the most coveted talents, was demonstrated by Mumbai Indians’ determination to re-acquire their former protégé.

2. 2021 is The King’s Ransom Year

Participant: Chris Morris

Success Offer: Rs 16.25 crore that equals to 2.2 million dollars

When Rajasthan Royals signed a South African all-rounder, Chris Morris, for an amazing ₹16.25 crore, he made him the most expensive player in IPL auction history till that time and that was a big hit to the cricketing community globally. During the bonus stage, Morris became the target of one of the most challenging bidding duels, as bitter rivals went head-to-head looking out for his versatility and his winning personality. Despite the negative stance of Rajasthan Royals, the latter won the battle in the end, their South African opponent being a high-liter power destructor.

3. The Year of the Auction Maverick: ‘21

Participant: Deepak Chahar’s Offer That Brought Home ₹14 crore, equals $1.9 million

The 2022 auction saw Indian bowler Deepak Chahar’s stock soar as the Chennai Super Kings paid an astounding ₹14 million to keep him on staff. Chahar’s reputation as one of the IPL’s most sought-after bowlers was solidified with this bid. The fact that the Chennai team was willing to spend a lot of money on Chahar was evidence of both his reliability and his ability to produce under pressure. Because of Chahar’s versatility as a swing bowler and useful lower-order batsman, CSK went above and beyond to secure his services for the forthcoming seasons.

4. 2021 is the Royal Acquisition Year

Participant: Kyle Jamieson

The winning bid was ₹15 crore, or almost $2 million

New Zealand’s tall and talented pacer, Kyle Jamieson, was the surprise package of the 2021 auction. Rajasthan Royals burnt a hole in their purse, literally by handing out a large sum of 15 crores as the price for him, which made him the most expensive baker of the 2018 auction that was held. The ballistic elevation of Jameson from almost being unknown to one of the most desired stars by the teams that can perceive the enormous potential of youth and invest into their young prospects is a testament to him having fundamental talent. The Royals’ making a bet on the Kiwi pacer demonstrated their feeling of trust with the player’s skills and ability to make a difference right from the first day of the biggest stage.

5. The Bowling Bonanza

Year: 2018

Player: Ben Stokes

Winning Bid: Increasing in the nearby streets for life’s worth (approx. $1.7 million)

The 2018 auction saw Ben Stokes of England at the center of a bidding storm, drawing the attention of many eager bidders. Royals of Rajasthan win a marathon, chasing jumbles of rupees of 12.5 crore symmetrical figure in their eye, and raising Rajasthan Royals core strength.

6. The Spin Sensation

Year: 2021

Player: Krishnappa Gowtham

Winning Bid: ₹9.25 crore ($1.2 million approx. – another inline point is)

Last year in 2021, none other than Krishnappa Gowtham, who was not well-recognised as an Indian all-rounder, was shocked by the fact that he has been auctioned off a whopping ₹9.25 crores from Chennai Super Kings, which placed him among the position of most expensive uncapped players in IPL history. The unprecedented salary, that outran all of the predictions, was a seal of their trust in Gowtham and their willingness to reach the limit of their financial strength in order to recruit the inexpensive prospect.

7. The Pace Prodigy

Year: 2022

Player: Prasidh Krishna

Prasidh Krishna, the young Indian pacer with ample talents, was the target for Rajasthan Royals who traded a whopping ₹10 crores with other franchises to get him for IPL 2022 season. The hectic bidding war between the franchises was based on their mutual interest in investing in the rising stars which can later develop into the future stars of IPL.

8. The Kiwi Knockout

Year: 2022

Player: Lockie Ferguson

Winning Bid: ₹10 crore (approx $1.3million).

In a very pricey 2022 IPL auction, Lockie Ferguson was a name that every franchise clamoured for. Gujarat Titans signed this thunderstorm from the fearsome fast bowlers for ₹10 crore.

With his ability to consistently clock speeds in excess of 150 kph and his skill in extracting bounce and movement, Ferguson was viewed as a potential game-changer, prompting the newly formed franchise to invest heavily in securing his services.

9. The Spin Twins

Year: 2021

Players: Rahul Chahar and Krishnappa Gowtham

Winning Bids: ₹5.4 crore and ₹9.25 crore (combined approx. $2 million)

The phenomena of 2021 auction catapulted bowling spinners, with Mumbai Indians standing up to a phenomenal ₹5.4 crore on Rahul Chahar, while CSK compelled and reluctant to cough up ₹9.25 crore on uncapped Krishnappa Gowtham’s services. Some of the whopping amounts paid by the franchises for the uncapped superstars, after a long bidding, not only illustrated the enormous talent but also showed how all-powerful position auction is for a franchise especially in the competitive community where getting hold of a talent tree is regarded as of top priority.

10. As a district that is constantly being built, the issues we face can be difficult for some of our students, leading to hard sensations.

2022 is the year

Participant: Liam Livingstone

₹11.5 Crore ($1.5 Million) = Auction Price.

Liam Livingstone was a key member of the English team that played alongside Jos Buttler and the rest of his teammates, and his performance made him a buzz of the 2022 IPL auction when Punjab Kings made a conscious decision to acquire his services which cost Team Punjab a ₹11.5 crore to include him in his roster making him one of the most expensive overseas signing of that.


Visitors not from this planet but viewers from all across this universe cannot help but be because it is not just a production where lives are enriched with fun and luck, fortunes are instantly changed. Meanwhile, the latest ipl news involving auctions in coming weeks grabbed the attention of cricket fans all over the world just because they are so curious and deep into the subject learning the latest updates as if there is a war of money muscle flexed by the franchises.

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